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Setup Plugin

Setup Plugin

  • To show chat widget copy id from this https://chat.msgsmartly.com/account/?tab=installation

<!– MsgSmartly –>
<script id=”chat-init” src=”https://chat.msgsmartly.com/account/js/init.js?id=(Copy This ID)“></script>

  • Copy the id from above link in MsgSmartly admin panel.

  • Paste ID in Newly Installed WordPress Plugin.
  • Go to WordPress Admin Panel
  • Hover Over Settings
  • Select MsgSmartly by Digidopt
  • Paste ID copied from MsgSmartly Admin Panel
  • Check Sync WordPress Logged in User to Register Users automatically in MsgSmartly Admin Panel (track user activity on website)

  • Once above steps are completed you will see chat widget on you website.
  • Customize chat widget from MsgSmartly admin panel.


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