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Slack Setup and Settings

Slack Setup and Settings

To sync Slack click the button Start synchronization of the Settings > Slack area and follow the instructions.

We partnered with Support Board for Slack App. your channel will add Support Board App to communicate with MsgSmartly.

Manually archive channels #

To archive a channel in Slack, follow these steps:

  • Open the Slack channel you want to archive.
  • On the top right click the gear icon and select Additional options.
  • Click the info icon in the top right area of the screen, then click the More icon, and then click Additional options…. Click Archive this channel.

Departments linking #

  • Get the department IDs from Settings > Miscellaneous > departments.
  • Get the channel IDs by clicking the button Get channel IDs.

User fields #

The setting Settings > Slack > User fields allows you to choose which user details to include in the message sent to the main channel when a new user sends the first message. You can include the slug of your custom user details or the following slugs: browserbrowser_languagelocationemailuser_typetokencreation_timecountry_codecurrent_urloscityaddresspostal_codephonebirthdatecompanytimezonewebsite. Default: email, browser, browser_language, location.


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