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Installation and usage

Installation and usage

WordPress installation #

  • To display the tickets use the short code msg-tickets. Insert it in any page, post, or post type item. Make sure to use [] when putting short code in page
  • Create new page Named Support Ticket (or anything you wish) and use short code to show ticket area. (WordPress Plugin is mandatory to use short codes. click here for wordpress guide

Ticket Using Script #

  • To display the tickets area include the cloud chat script into your page and add the attribute &mode=tickets to the script URL, e.g. <script id=”chat-init” src=”https://chat.msgsmartly.com/account/js/init.js?id=1052272&mode=tickets”></script>.
  • You can show the tickets area also by inserting the code <script>SB_TICKETS = true;</script> into any page showing the chat.

Information #

  • Tickets are the same of chat conversations and messages, the only difference from the chat is the front-end panel.
  • Most of the settings of the chat are compatible with the Tickets but not all of them. The dashboard settings, the pop-up message, and more are not compatible.
  • To remove the mandatory ‘New ticket’ form for new users, activate the welcome message of Settings > Messages > Welcome message. The welcome message delay is ignored in the tickets area, the message is sent immediately..
  • To manually disable the mandatory registration only on a single page use the JavaScript code var SB_REGISTRATION_REQUIRED = true. Set it to true to force the registration instead.


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