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Language and Translations

Language and Translations

MsgSmartly is fully multilingual and provides powerful features to detect the user’s language on the fly.

Edit translations #

To edit the languages of both chat and admin, go to Settings > Translations. Some settings, such as e-mail contents, are directly translatable and therefore do not need to be translated here.

Chat language #

MsgSmartly is already translated into 41 languages. There are many options available to set the language:

  • Go to Settings > Chat and check the Translate automatically option. This feature will automatically use the chat language of the user’s browser.

Admin language #

To translate the admin area follow the steps below:

  • Translate the texts in your language from the Settings > Translations.

To set the admin area language you have three options:

  • Activate the option Settings > Admin > Automatically translate admin area. This feature automatically translate the admin area to match the agent profile language or the agent browser language.

Translate custom contents #

You can translate almost any custom content: rich messages, titles, descriptions, automatic messages, chat header, and more. To add translations, select the language you want and click the New translation button.


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