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MsgSmartly is an omni-channel platform that connect with all social media and live chat at one place.

Integrates your tools

Connect MsgSmartly with the Social Media you use.

Automate your customers’ communication with artificial intelligence-driven bots and a chat system optimized for conversational marketing. Save time, increase revenues, and use the software you already know and love.

Bring all Sales, Support, Tech team & tasks together.

Allocate Customer to Specific Department with click of a button.

Create chat from your channels.

Allocate chat to specific department automatically

Allocate chat to free agent automatically

Simple to use Admin Panel

With our Knowledge Base and Simple to use admin panel setup your omni channel within minutes.

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Everything in One

Everything in One

Connect all platforms that you love and use daily. Let Your Customer Chat with you with any platform they love.



See how your agents are performing, how they are having conversations with your customers, response time.

Multiple Departments and Agents

Multiple Departments and Agents

Create Multiple Departments and Agent’s, Allocate it automatically as per customer requirements.

Google Dialog Flow AI Chat Bot

Google Dialog Flow AI Chat Bot

With Google’s Most Advanced Chat Bot create custom Q&A and let bot do the small talk for you.

Whatsapp Bussiness API

Whatsapp Bussiness API

Communicate with your customers on platform that is used globally with Whatsapp. Use Business API with Dialog Flow and trigger templates automatically. 

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