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Knowledge Base Articles #

Knowledge base articles provide instant answers to customers to help reduce customer support volume. To manage the articles, go to Settings > Articles. Articles support HTML code, which can be used to add images, videos, and other content. Here are some HTML code examples that you can use:

Name Code
<a href="https://www.google.com" target="_blank" class="sb-rich-btn sb-btn">Click here</a>
<img src="https://via.placeholder.com/1500x600" />
Image with lightbox
<div class="sb-image"><img src="https://via.placeholder.com/1500x600" class="sb-image" /></div>
<video controls><source src="video.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video>
YouTube and Vimeo Enter the embed code provided by YouTube or Vimeo

Display articles #

  • The articles can be shown in the chat dashboard by enabling them from the Settings > Chat area.
  • The articles can be shown in a dedicated page by inserting the code <script>var SB_ARTICLES_PAGE = true;</script> into any page showing the chat. To set the location of the articles area Enter the code <div id=”sb-articles” class=”sb-loading”></div>.
  • If you’re using the WordPress Plugin you can use the shortcode msg-articles .
  • Alternatively, articles can be shared via the rich message shortcode, [articles].


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